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Last time I posted here...

I had a stubborn resolve to fight through a hard situation, impoverished and bleak to state it mildly. But I've realized that most of America is right here alongside me. We're all fighting for a recovery. Financially, spiritually, and patriotically we feel strained to keep clinging to our cherished ideals.

Rather than being a clamoring voice of dismay it seemed best that I show my true colors of hope. I sense we've hit bottom and there's oddly a good feeling in this. We can anticipate a rebound. We can acknowledge past mistakes and restructure our society in better ways from the broken pieces scattered around us. This is not a time for anyone to sit back and gripe about lost entitlements or privileges, but a time for us to hitch up and PULL with all our collective strength.

Good movements are afoot: "We are the 99 Percent." "Occupy Wall Street." Protests like these give prominence to our concerns. But unless we take positive action through proper channels of politics and commerce, our disdain for the status quo will accomplish nothing. It is not enough to say "this is broken". We're obligated to provide the fix.

We need informed leadership. Send petitions through channels like so that people in high places will remember, their success hinges on serving the people -- not the corporate lobbyists or golf buddies they've been hobnobbing with. Seek positions of influence, not for wealth or personal gain but for altruistic purposes. Strive to change the system from within. We need to BECOME the informed leaders of tomorrow.

We have to make strategy to win. It's not an armchair battle. This is Darwinism at its finest, survival of the fittest, a battle for influence and dominance in the political arena. These victories are won with votes, with numbers of warm bodies, with systems of belief, not just with dollars. The way ahead looks brighter for us all, when democracy works.

I am a nobody. I am the most lowly of nobodies. Some may label me the scum of the nobody pool. Yet my voice is as powerful as anyone's, because I am a citizen. I have a vote. I have my story to share. I have my purpose. I choose to pursue a better life. My family deserves the best that I can offer, and my community needs my strength. My life is dedicated to making a difference for good. We all have this ability, this civic duty.

You're no different. I'm not here to say that you CAN do better, but that you MUST. Look down at your two hands. Imagine their strongest and best purpose. Then deliver.

Toward this end, I'm publishing some creative work from my two hands. Here are a big stack of my personal writings, and a couple selections of music. Yes I actually composed the piano pieces. I enjoy improvisational piano performance. The guitar is from other instrumentalists.

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Generally I favor all sorts of fine arts, sentimental pursuits and creative endeavors. I like being an entrepreneur. I like sharing my imagination. I like to dream utopian dreams. I like to ponder the workings of the whole universe. I like to invent bogus theories of interstellar physics which just might lead to a grand unification, a better understanding of gravity and antigravity, a new means of travel across vast distances, and the potential for human colonization of the cosmos. But that's just for fun. I don't pretend to have irrefutable answers. Not all my idle musings are plausible, or even coherent. I enjoy asking the what-if questions simply because the right question sometimes opens a whole new realm of possibilities. Occasionally, science fiction leads the way to real science. People gather inspiration from diverse and far-fetched ideas. Um, ideals. Whichever. I invite you to play the mood music, then scroll up and read a few of the links from this page. And imagine.

Music is here:         [requires Flash player]

This is me, daydreaming with you. Enjoy.

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