A Complete Timeline of My Case

A Quick Synopsis

I'm Greg Kendall, owner and builder of this website. I work with computers for a living. In 2002, I was accused and convicted of a child pornography offense after digital images were found on a computer workstation shared by many people, at my place of business. Being sole owner of that business made for an indefensible case regarding possession. Ohio law at that time only cared about possession, not taking into account that computers are often "infected" by unwanted programs and files. That law was later revised, then declared unconstitutional by Ohio's Supreme Court.

I was unaware of the images on that machine, but I still suffer the fallout from this offense.

I served 11 months in Ohio prison. After serving my time, I was forced (with no lawful basis) to register as a sex offender in the State of North Carolina. Ohio never required me to register, nor intended that I ought to register. Ohio Appellate courts have underscored the fact that my possession charge was NOT a sexually-oriented offense by definition. And the Ohio Supreme Court has issued The Hernandez Decision, saying it's unconstitutional for the Executive branch of government to impose new restrictions not named by the Judicial branch at sentencing.

Ignoring all of this background, NC authorities went on to hit me with 3 new felonies: Two of them concern "Failure to Register". These charges were created while I visited China to marry my fiancιe, and could not meet local Sheriffs upon demand. My immediate responses through Federal authority did not satisfy their purpose. Also, due to China's censorship policy I was unable to either access or delete my Facebook account, which invited the 3rd charge for "Use of a Social Network". None of these issues could have arisen, if not for the initial error of my sex offender registration.

Currently I am battling to have the original case overturned. Wish me luck! Full documentation follows here below.

Trouble Brewing

Criminal Charges

Monopolized and Ultraviolated

Released but Restricted

Location Location Location

Unwarranted Warrant

Swallowed Like Jonah

Twice Bitten

Onward and Upward

Jailed Again

Defending Our Rights

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