a colorful character

Just as the natural world
is not drawn in simple Crayola crayon colors;
Personalities are seldom elemental,
seldom one-dimensional,
seldom easy to describe.

People say there are layers,
or aspects, or influences, or composites,
or structures, or shapes, or motives,
or histories, or theories...
which might suffice.

But in the moment,
there is only the stance,
the gesture,
a look in the eye;
and little enough time to register these,
and no time to reflect upon them.

There is only instinct.

Compatibility is immediately apparent,
or absent,
and sometimes is misjudged.

But that phenomenon,
for whatever it is worth,
it serves you well.

Any romantic novel which says,
"Those eyes were mesmerizing,"
has been ineffectual, weak,
and has failed to describe
your dynamic:  Presence.

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