Few enough places in the world
bring us real peace,
and even fewer people.

The very thought of you
transports me into your presence,
as if you could touch me
from any distance.

Each memory of your effortless smile
envelops me in warmth
and soothes me.

If I could vacation at the seashore,
working on nothing but my tan
basking in the sun
body surfing
laughing with the gulls
studying the waves and currents
sending cares aloft in the wind
for a month;

that change of pace would serve me
almost as well
as a moment of your company
or an hour of meditation
upon the dreams that we have shared.

How is it that you mysteriously
obliterate my tensions,
even while you make my pulse race?

You are the spiritual retreat within my mind,
a mental boardwalk along the waterfront,
my favorite paradox.

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