Prologue -
At first I thought they might hold me just for the weekend. Then I heard a rumor it was for ten days. But the tenth day has already come and gone. I've heard nothing of my release. Now I cannot tell if it will be 30 days, or two years, or some other, random length of time. This is the first time I have seriously considered, that I might not be released before you have departed this place. So please forgive me if today's poetry reflects a dark mood. Maybe you should not even read it, for it could only make you sad. Today I am missing you more than ever.

S e p a r a t i o n

I could handle the imprisonment,
the disgrace, the shame,
the disruption of my plans.

I could withstand these and overcome them
with strength, with peace of mind.

What saddens me most;
no, what rips at my heart;
the most severe injustice of all... that my days with you
are being stolen away
one after another,
and I am powerless to change
this appalling course of events.

That fact I cannot bear.

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